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Feb 28, 2020

Category: Eastern Michigan University

Before I started my internship with Cohen & Company, I was nervous about many aspects of my internship. I was nervous about coming into the internship without any prior accounting experience, my first job working in an office setting, and getting accustomed to working downtown in a large city. The new systems, work papers, new environment, new coworkers, etc. was very intimidating. The friendly, caring, and willing-to-help coworkers made this intimidating experience become a great learning opportunity. My first impression of Cohen & Company was during my first day in my home office. The audit partner took the new audit staff out to lunch which allowed us to get to know some of our co-workers. Every coworker that I met told me that they are willing to help and answer any questions that I have. The culture that I witnessed on my first day has spanned throughout my entire internship so far. Everyone seems very genuine in the fact that they want you to learn and succeed through your internship.

As I approach my internship being halfway over, the biggest takeaway that I have is asking questions. Starting in my week of training in Cleveland, everyone told me the key to success in your internship is to ask questions. My first instinct isn’t to ask questions so this was a challenge for me during the first couple weeks of the internship. Asking questions has allowed me to learn more knowledge about compilations, reviews, and audits than I thought was possible in the short span of time that my internship has lasted. Being able to put accounting concepts that I learned in school into practice and seeing the real world application has been rewarding. Another takeaway is learning and improving from your previous mistakes. Everyone in the firm has told me that I am going to make mistakes because that is part of the learning process. The key to making mistakes is improving and learning from them.

I didn’t know whether to pick tax or audit for my internship and went with my gut feeling of audit. After being halfway done with my internship, I believe that I made the correct choice. I enjoy the change of scenery with working on different teams and being at different client sites. Being at client sites is fun because you get to interact with the client and go on tours of their facilities.  Overall, my internship experience has been amazing so far and I would recommend interning with Cohen & Company.