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How to Succeed in a New Job

Apr 02, 2021

This is my first tax internship and I’ve never done a busy season before. I felt pretty anxious going into this internship, but with the experience and knowledge from my past internships, I was able to adjust fairly quickly to the new environment. There are a few easy things anyone can do to learn and adjust to a new work environment.

The best way to succeed in a new job is to be curious. Most people say “asking questions” is the most important way to success. I like to counter this by saying that just asking questions isn’t enough. The most important thing is to stay curious. When you’re curious, you ask questions because you want an answer or want to better understand certain concepts. Just asking questions without that curiosity behind it is a waste of time and effort for the asker and the asked.

Success can come from a variety of sources when you’re working a new job. However, in my experience, curiosity drives us to learn new things and do our best no matter the situation. Just asking questions by itself won’t get you far but if you have the drive to learn, questions can be an important tool to furthering your professional career.