Intern Blog

A Hybrid Approach

Mar 12, 2021

During my internship at Cohen and Company, a hybrid approach has been utilized to better understand the expectations of the job.  The hybrid approach involved my attending work both in person and while working from my office at home.  In the first week of training, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all my training was provided virtually using online programming. During this time, I learned about how the mutual fund wheel works, auditing mutual funds, ETFS and hedge funds. Although this was a lot of information to learn in the beginning, the managers and staff were willing to take the time to explain the purpose and function of the different tasks.  As the internship progressed, there were times I found that attending in person at the office gave me the opportunity to feel better connected to my co-workers because I could actually see them in person versus virtually online.

In my first week of training. I was given advice from a manager, he stressed that one of the biggest components to being successful in this position is being able to communicate with people in a variety of different ways and for many different reasons. A few of the different ways I was able to communicate with staff included texts, emails, phone calls, virtual emails and meeting in person. One of the reasons I found communication was important included covering my job expectations and responsibilities.  By communicating with my managers and staff, it helped me better understand the work I was completing for the company.  At times, I would need to ask questions or clarify information and the employees of the company took the time to work with me so I could learn the material. Lastly, as I worked on the different tasks, I found it necessary to communicate with people about my findings or identified issues within the work that was being focused on at the time.

As with any internship that a college student would complete, one of the goals is to learn how to network with employees or customers outside of the company.  Although there was not any opportunities to communicate with customers outside of the company, there were opportunities to communicate with different staff within the company.  Throughout the internship, there were opportunities to network with people about a variety of different work-related activities.  There were also opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities such as lunch meetings, a virtual escape room, and virtual happy hours.