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The Important Thing

Feb 13, 2020

Category: Miami University

I’ve always heard the saying “You grow the most when you’re in uncomfortable situations”, which I never knew the true meaning of until my internship with Cohen & Company. All of my previous jobs were very different than accounting. I’ve done landscaping, restaurants, and sales. There were plenty of things starting my internship that made me feel uncomfortable: The work papers, new faces, new systems, new environment, long hours, new manager, sitting at a desk all day, the list goes on. It’s because of intelligent, friendly employees an uncomfortable situation has turned into a wonderful learning opportunity.

Many of the employees have told me “Just keep asking questions” or “If you have any questions at all, let me know”. Six weeks into the internship, I still cannot believe how available and willing to help everyone is from the start. The culture because of this is unmatched, I am free to ask as many questions as I’d like. Asking questions and then doing is how I learn and retain what I’m taught.

Although I went in to the internship feeling uncomfortable, the culture of question asking at Cohen & Company has created a learning opportunity.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” –Albert Einstein