Intern Blog

Interns Help Harvest

Aug 23, 2018

On Monday July 30th, all the interns in the Hunt Valley office spent the day serving the community. We went to First Fruit Farms, which is a farm in Freeland, MD. They serve the community by donating the vegetables grown on the farm to different areas of need all over the state of Maryland. The employees working at the farm kept reinforcing how much help we were doing by picking corn, and said that each corn picked was food for someone in need. This provided all of us interns a sense of positivity and optimism in what we were doing. The fact that Cohen & Company schedules events like this makes me very happy to have spent a summer here. A company that not only cares about the work they do, the people who work for them, and the community surrounding them is a company that has a great recipe for success and I believe that Cohen & Company embodies all of these characteristics; doing community service with my peers just reinforced this belief. I believe the work we did for First Fruit Farms helped many people around my home state, and I know Cohen & Company will continue to have a positive effect on the community.