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Jun 07, 2018

Category: University of Dayton

I am currently three weeks into my internship with Cohen & Company. Initially, the training week was a bit overwhelming.  A lot of information is thrown at the incoming intern class during the first week.  However, my experience quickly picked up from there, as I had my first client engagement last week.  I have been assigned tasks related to a few employee benefit plan audits.  My first fieldwork experience had me completing a number of different workpapers.   By updating and completing certain workpapers, I get a practical perspective of how the work I complete ties to the overall completion of an audit. 

Furthermore, I enjoyed working with my pod team during the fieldwork.  Zach and John were helpful, answering all questions I had during the two day period.  Also, talking with them during lunch was a nice change of pace, since I got to know them personally beyond workpaper questions.
Additionally, I have gotten to know the other summer interns.  We eat lunch together most days, and the firm has had multiple activities for interns to get to know employees at all levels within the firm.  I strongly encourage future interns to acquaint themselves with the other interns in their office as quickly as possible.  The interns sit together in the office and being friendly with each other makes bouncing questions off each other easy and comfortable.

Looking forward, I have some exciting assignments starting next week that continue into July. I am looking forward to traveling to North Carolina for an upcoming audit. I have enjoyed all the staff I have worked with to this point.  They are all willing to help answer any questions I ask. I enjoy being assigned to different engagement teams.  I do not have a set team that I work with all summer.  Instead, I have had to work with different groups of people on different clients.  The variability is exciting and getting to know more people in the firm is great. I do not have a set routine, so each week has a different feel with new tasks assigned daily.  Since the first day of training, I have learned a great deal of new information with each passing day. 

As I reflect, the best advice I can give an incoming intern is to ask questions and consistently make yourself available to those on your engagement teams.  I feel I learn quicker and more efficiently as I ask questions and learn from those on my client engagements.  The initial weeks have been a steep learning curve.  Most information is completely new and having to perform quickly can be stressful.  In turn, do not be afraid to ask questions to clarify.  Cohen & Company employees are more than willing to help, the intern simply needs to initiate the process. In addition, there is some down time during the initial weeks. I encourage incoming interns to take that time to complete as many of the assigned intern tasks as possible because I have been assigned more work as the summer progresses and getting those initial assignments completed frees up your schedule.  Lastly, continue to check in with those on your engagement teams to see if you can help them with any work.  The beginning of my internship has flown by and asking for more work only benefits the intern as he or she is introduced to even more information and learning opportunities. 

I am appreciative for the opportunity to intern with Cohen & Company this summer.  I have enjoyed my time so far and the experiences I have gained in such a short time.  I look forward to whatever the rest of the summer has in store.