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Internship Highlights

Mar 27, 2020

Category: University of Baltimore

The internship at Cohen & Company’s Hunt Valley office (located just north of Baltimore) has been a fantastic experience! During the past few months at the firm I’ve been fortunate enough to get great insight into life as a staff tax accountant, feel integrated into the culture at the firm, and make some great friends at the same time. If anyone is looking at getting real-world experience to accompany their university learning, I would very much recommend working at Cohen & Company!

Some highlights from the internship have been:

Onboarding – For the first two days of the internship, every new hire (intern and full-time) was flown out to Cleveland for onboarding. This involved training alongside new hires from every office (with new hires there from each state the firm has offices in), covering things such as firm culture, benefits, and basic aspects of the job. What made this particularly nice however was that it allowed all the new hires to spend time together and get to know each other. The new hires for the Hunt Valley office ended up going out for dinner, and we all had a great time!

Junior Achievement - In February, all the interns at the Hunt Valley office volunteered at Junior Achievement BizTown located in Owings Mills. This allowed the company to give back by teaching young students (4th grade) financial literacy. The children were certainly appreciative of the volunteers and were able to learn a lot as well!

Job Variety – Each partnership (being my internship focus) that I’ve worked on has had a slightly different approach to how they do things. Although at times it’s been slightly confusing, being able to work on a variety of clients has allowed me to get a much better feel for the overall work that is being done by those at the staff level, as well as made the day-to-day work more interesting.

Culture of Help – If there’s one thing I’ve been most appreciative of throughout the internship, it has definitely been how willing everyone has been to help out. Every time I’ve had a question, whether asking someone at staff or management levels, I’ve been able to get answers from friendly people. I’ve never had to feel bad or hesitant about asking questions, and it has really helped me out learning.

Overall, it’s been a great experience which I’ve learned a lot from, and I can very happily recommend the experience to anyone with an interest in working in public accounting!