Intern Blog

Internship Round 2

Aug 05, 2019

Coming back for my second year as an intern, I was all set to get back in the swing of things June 3rd, in the Hunt Valley office. However, one week before that date I received an email from the firm telling all of the Hunt Valley interns that this year’s training will be in Cleveland. So many thoughts ran through my head, and never having been to Cleveland, I didn’t know what to expect. After a week in Cleveland, I can safely say the city as a whole and Cohen & Company headquarters greatly exceeding my expectations.

Everyone I interacted with during the week was extremely friendly, personable and went out of their way to make all of the interns feel welcomed. From the partner’s dinner, to happy hours, Indians games and beyond, that week in Cleveland made me realize the family atmosphere that the firm fosters. Having only interacting with Hunt Valley employees last summer, I was relieved to see that this culture is consistent throughout all of the different offices and cities.

This training not only gave us a chance to learn more about Cohen & Company and the internship as a whole, but also allowed me to get to know the other interns I would be working with for the summer. A group of us from the Hunt Valley office took this week as an opportunity to try new restaurants, explore the city, and go to an Indians game. The staff in Cleveland went out of their way to offer up their favorite food spots for us to try, whether it was Green Rooster for a quick lunch or Barrio to grab tacos and drinks after work. The culture and people at Cohen & Company is something that I believe sets them apart from the other accounting firms, and it is evident that this culture is carried throughout all of the offices.