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Investment Industry Audit Experience

Mar 11, 2018

Category: Case Western Reserve University

I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel and go to two clients during my IIS audit internship. Two of the engagement teams I had the chance to work with had clients in Columbus, Ohio. Although I was very excited, I was also intimidated about my first business trip due to the fact that it was the first week after training.
That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. On the days before the trip, members of the engagement team from staff to manager were happy to answer my questions. In addition they reached out to me and made sure I was prepared for the trip with what to expect as well as what to bring, such as a travel monitor. The most important thing to remember is to triple check your bag before leaving. Make sure you have your computer, mouse, charger and travel monitor. Without these you won’t be as productive or efficient during your fieldwork.  Throughout the trip, everyone I was working with went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and part of the team.

Another piece of advice is to take advantage of the opportunities at hand. On the second day, we traveled across Columbus to the other client, just me and a staff accountant. It was great having the one on one time to get to know the person I would be working with and to ask questions. One thing I was impressed with is the confidence Cohen & Company puts in their employees. The firm trusted a staff accountant and an intern and that is something I really appreciated. Furthermore, just as the firm treats you as a full time hire in the office, the same is true while visiting a client. I had the chance to meet people from every level of a fund I was working on as well as get a tour of their firm which was very interesting.

My favorite part of the trip was the learning experience. Getting the opportunity to see how the client operates and functions on a daily basis and how that translates to the work we do at Cohen & Company was very interesting as well as a great way to start my internship. This experience provided me with a better understanding of the clients and the type of work I would be doing. I recommend that if given the opportunity, ask a lot of questions and take notes while you are there because it will be beneficial throughout your internship experience at Cohen & Company.