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Investment Industry Introduction

Jan 21, 2018

Category: Youngstown State University

When transitioning to an unfamiliar environment you may feel overwhelmed and frankly lost starting out, but Cohen has a very beneficial training program to get new hires better aquainted with their business practices and their culture.

I started out my first week and a half training in downtown Cleveland learning about their specific software systems and how they operate within the accounting industry. What I did not expect is to meet so many fantastic people from the firm that are more than willing to help you with anything you need even if it is your first day.

The Learning Buddy program is a great resource for new hires to use to express any questions and concerns about Cohen. Your Learning Buddy is basically the main go-to person who can share experiences and tips with you to help you excel throughout your internship and beyond. One important tip I learned during the training is to take notes and not be scared to ask questions during any part of the internship. One thing that I should have done is to ask more questions during training. Also, another helpful tip to exposing yourself to the full potential that the firm has to offer is to never turn down an opportunity to network with fellow employees.

Meeting fellow co-workers is a straightforward way to judge how the firm’s culture is going to be during the span of your internship. Everyone that I have met so far during the training weeks have been completely supportive and encouraging throughout the process. I can’t wait to meet more great people on my way to starting my new career.
One thing I really enjoy about this internship is that they treat all the interns like first year employees. That means you get an actual exposure to the work load and the responsibility of working with real clients in the firm. Being within the Investment Industry, I am being exposed to preparing taxes for a wide variety of different investment funds including: mutual, hedge , and other private funds. I am excited to be a part of a growing firm that really cares for their employees and their clients.