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A Learning Mindset and Community Engagement

Mar 30, 2020

Category: Towson University

I am happy and grateful for the audit internship opportunity I have gotten to go through this year at Cohen & Company. Being an intern for the first time in a public accounting firm, I was naturally nervous coming in. Yet before I knew it, I had found much of that initial nervousness gone due to the great environment and work culture that Cohen & Company provides!

During the onboarding training at Cleveland, one of the main lessons that stuck with me was recognizing it is not a question of if I will make mistakes during my internship, rather a question of when will I make mistakes! Moreover, that when I will make a mistake, it is important to recognize the mistake to the best of my ability and do my best to learn from it. At Cohen & Company, there is a clear culture of learning and collaboration, and I kept on encountering this throughout my internship experience. Whenever I came across anything that I was not able to understand, I knew there were multiple peers as well as managers I could go to help assist me with what I was stuck on. I found myself ready to tackle any work assignment I could get the opportunity to get, knowing that I have more than willing co-workers who are invested in helping me grow as I come across anything unfamiliar.

Throughout my academic career, I have focused a lot on developing my note-taking skills and I found it very fulfilling to be able to utilize these skills to further develop a learning mindset during my internship experience. I was constantly confronted with the steep learning curve especially in the initial weeks of the internship, and learning to take effective notes throughout work meetings really helped retaining as much as I could through various teachable moments that occurred throughout the day. I would say that the combination of having a positive growth mindset about making mistakes and also further developing strong note-taking skills helped combating against in the initial nervousness that I mentioned earlier.

Lastly, it was great to be part of such an encouraging community! Another aspect of the internship experience that I appreciated was getting to go through the internship experience with many other peers. Having others who are also going through their first-time internship experience with me not only made things less daunting, but also made the experience very enjoyable! Some of my favorite parts of the internship included the onboarding training at Cleveland and as the service event, we helped with Junior Achievement BizTown located at Owings Mills. Both of these events were very memorable, and a lot of that had to do with the opportunities the events provided to bond and grow together with the other interns.  This has been an incredible internship experience, and I would highly recommend interning here for anyone who especially has a desire to learn and grow in community with others!