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Learning Through Discomfort

Jan 28, 2020

Category: Baldwin Wallace University

Having new experiences can help you grow in one aspect or another and are vital in order to progress through life. Going from being a student to working full time as an intern has been one of those experiences. At Cohen & Company, my new experiences brought me some discomfort. Being outside of our comfort zone has allowed me to meet new people, learn new skills and ultimately grow.

Driving to Cleveland for my first day of training, I had no idea what to expect as I fumbled my way through traffic on I-71. Arriving, I did not expect so many people as all of the firm's offices were being represented; Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, you the get point.

In training, they expressed to us that it is alright to not succeed immediately since we will be learning everything for the most part for the first time. This made that overwhelmed feeling just fade away as I knew that everyone would be there supporting us and were going to be understanding as we learned. When starting in public accounting you are going to make mistakes and mess up and it may be uncomfortable. Understanding where you went wrong and what can be done to prevent it for the next time will help you learn more and show people that you are actively trying to get better with every task.

When you hear the title "Intern" you may think of pushing papers and getting coffee for the boss, but at Cohen, the other interns and I are treated as Staff. Even though our position is seemingly temporary, the employees treat us like we are a permanent part of the Cohen & Company family already. Working at Cohen & Company has given me all the resources and the opportunity to succeed which has shown their dedication to develop us for our future careers.

I know that I will continue to come across tasks, terms, and processes that make me uncomfortable, but with a wonderful group of people to support me I know, I can accomplish anything. Cohen & Company has been a wonderful choice in my ever progressing career and I am excited to continue to learn and grow with my new found experiences.