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Leveraging the Unknown

Mar 27, 2020

Category: Loyola University Maryland

Internship interviews often consist of recruiters looking for insights into the backgrounds and experiences of potential candidates. We are taught to leverage the skills gained from these experiences, and portray ourselves as candidates with the ability to add value to the firm.

While this generalization is true, there is missing emphasis on the value of the unknown. During your internship at Cohen & Company, you will not only find yourself working on valuable projects to support your team, you will also find great time and detail put into your personal development. During the first few weeks of my internship, I found myself concerned with what I was able to accomplish for the team. While this is important, I realized the purpose of the internship goes beyond task completion, it is also about learning and growing.

From the very beginning, my team reiterated their willingness to answer questions. They encouraged me to be curious, think critically, and always ask “why”. Perhaps the biggest asset an individual can bring with them to Cohen & Company is curiosity. Personal acknowledgement of what you do not know can quickly be turned into an asset due to the resources by which you will be surrounded. It is easy to feel as though by asking questions you are bothering your managers, however, quite quickly I realized my managers truly cared about my development, and they were more than willing to sit down with me and talk through any questions as they came up. Identifying a topic, task or project you are unfamiliar with can be an incredible opportunity to learn something new. Immersing yourself in the work you are assigned to will pay great dividends if you attack them with a curious mind, and desire to understand the intricacies the projects may entail.

My time at the firm has been an incredibly rewarding experience. When looking for internships, an absolute must is to find an environment not only where you will be challenged, but where you are able to learn and grow. Because of this alignment, I very swiftly found a home with Cohen & Company.