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Life as a New Intern

Apr 12, 2019

Category: Towson University

As a brand new Intern who has never worked in an office setting before, I did not know what to expect in my experience. Any new intern will agree this can be a nervous feeling and can be intimidating, but the staff at Cohen & Company made my process easy. Everything about my internship was a great learning experience and the people here at Hunt Valley were very accommodating and understanding of that. Anytime I had an issue, a staff or manager was quick to help me with any questions I may have had, and I definitely had a lot of them. It helped take some of the pressure off of me knowing that the people were here to help me grow. I would recommend using the experienced staff as a crutch in the first few weeks to get acclimated to the firm and as a way to get to know some of the people at the company.

I also really appreciated the work they had us doing. They provided us with ample training to prepare us for the work we would be completing and I was lucky enough to go through two rounds of training, once in the beginning and again after the first month. This process really helped me to reinforce what I had been seeing throughout my first few weeks at the firm.  Overall, they trust their interns to do staff level work which is a big confidence booster when you successfully complete some of the assignments given to you. Being able to tackle challenging work was rewarding when I was able to figure out all the nuances to it, and again, the staff was always there to help if it were too complex for me. Once you and your team complete your first audit, it is an awesome feeling.

Just a few reminders of tips for any interns starting here at Cohen & Company:

1. Test and verify your work and areas of problems before you ask questions
2. Keep communication open between you and your team so they know where you are at
3. Take notes and refer to and training guides you received during learning sessions at the beginning of your internship

I really look forward to continuing my experience here at Cohen & Company this summer!