Intern Blog

Lost But Not Alone

Feb 26, 2021

We are about halfway through this busy season internship (cue the Bon Jovi in your head). I’m going to start off this post with a picture of my desk intentionally. As you can see if you scroll through these posts it’s just what this class of interns has decided to do. For some of us, this is where we spend 40+ hours a week, 3 feet from our bed. It’s not just us interns though. The whole firm, frankly the whole world, has been in this position at some point in the last year. Things have been weird and an experience we won’t forget.

This is a sentiment that I have found doesn’t stop at this work from home idea. This year has changed all of our lives in some way that we could have never anticipated. Take this internship for example. We are all students who understand accounting from school but haven’t been exposed to a lot of what we are doing yet. The funny thing is whoever we ask our questions to, no matter how many busy seasons they’ve been through, they have been there too. One of the things I’ve found out about Cohen in my short time is that the people are relatable. It’s not necessarily that there are no dumb questions but rather “I’ve had that question too”. I was struggling though a workpaper yesterday and called the senior on the job for help. The conversation started with “let’s look at it together, this can get confusing for me too”. So far this is what describes my experience it’s not that my questions get answered and move on without learning, but that I get shown how to find the answer. It’s normal to feel a bit lost and make mistakes along the way. The important thing is to remember that you aren’t the first, or last, person to ever make a mistake. So, try not to be too hard on yourself when it happens because, it happens to all of us.