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A Major Realization

Jul 26, 2019

Category: Case Western Reserve University

This morning began as most others had. I woke up at seven in the morning, rolled over, and turned on my bedside lamp. Then, I showered, got dressed, brushed my teeth and was out the door at a quarter before eight. The drive to work was slightly different than usual because a family of geese temporarily blocked my route. But, after the birds waddled out of the way, I continued down my usual path, parked, and entered the building at about a quarter after eight. Then, I got a glass of water and dove into one of the projects batched within my pink sheets organizer. Then, lunch time came and I decided to splurge a little bit. So, I walked across the street to The Green Rooster. Their farmhouse chicken salad is spectacular. So, I made the purchase and devoured the meal in no more than fifteen minutes. Next, I returned to my desk and, at that moment, the day started to become different from any other that I remember experiencing during my time at Cohen & Company. After all, up until that point, my day very closely resembled the vast majority of the ones that preceded it. But, everything changed when I revisited a return that I had worked on towards the very beginning of my internship.

In particular, I had gotten a response from one of my overseers regarding one of the open items that kept me from signing off on the return months ago. So, I was finally ready to put a bow on the return and finish my portion of the preparation process. Therefore, I opened up the engagement binder and its corresponding Axcess program in order to re-familiarize myself with what I hadn’t touched for upwards of a month and, at that moment, I had a major realization. The tax work papers and their corresponding values no longer seemed so foreign and intimidating to me. Instead, I actually had a grasp on the purpose of each paper, how they interplayed, and where they reflected within the return. So, I sat back and literally chuckled to myself before quickly fixing the problem that had deeply confused me earlier in the summer. Then, I went on to sign-off on the return that had been plaguing me for so long. So, in that way, today was very different from those that came before.

Early in this process, I received some advice; “grind through the initial struggles of this job and then you will start to figure it out and it won’t be so hard anymore”. I trusted the person who spoke those words to me and I’ve always known the value of hard work and determination so I took that concept and ran with it. But regardless, I now know that sentiment to be completely valid. I still make a ton of mistakes and am not a master tax accountant by any means but today reminded me of how far I have come. Therefore, it has been a very rewarding and inspiring day. And so, in that way, it has fully differentiated itself from the standard, unremarkable days that make up most of the human condition.

Yet, with all that being said, certain things have, indeed, stayed the same. In particular, I have been fortunate enough to occupy the same desk for the entirety of my time at Cohen & Company. In my mind, there is no other intern seating option superior to my own. Specifically, the corner spot on the ninth floor northern bench is where I have resided all this time. From my perch, the view has always stayed the same regardless of how confident I was in my ability to file tax returns. I have, each and every day, looked out across the northern tip of downtown Cleveland and the shores of Lake Erie. So, as I have undergone this journey, this view has stayed the same and provided me a constant as I grow into a better, more-competent part of this team.