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Making the Most of Every Second

Feb 28, 2020

Category: Kent State University

As I approach the half way point of my internship, I begin to reflect back on when I first started. The first two months have gone by quicker than I could have ever imagined. Interning at Cohen & Company has been one of the best opportunities in my professional career and I have attempted to make the most of every single second. Ever since I had accepted my offer in October, I was counting down the days until I started.

We had training in the Cleveland office the entire first week. I met so many new people and learned more in those five days than I would have thought possible. The following Monday was my first day in my home office- Akron. I was eager to see where I would be working for the next few months. Upon entering the office, I was able to find my cubicle and get started. My learning buddy introduced himself and got me started on my first returns. Having someone that I could turn to with any questions was a huge relief and I immediately felt more comfortable with the work I would be doing.

Everyone at Cohen & Company is extremely welcoming and happy to answer questions. There has never been a point where I have not known what to do next or who to turn to for help. I have also tried to utilize all my resources such as my new hire guide, learning buddy, and the other interns around me. As I have received feedback on my work, I have always reached out if something was still not clear for me. Everyone at the firm wants you to learn from your mistakes and to perform the best that you can.

As an intern, there are a lot of possibilities of work to be doing. I have gotten to experience a wide range of work, constantly learning more every day. Taking on work that you haven’t seen before may be challenging at first, but extremely rewarding in the end. I have gotten the chance to work with people from the other offices, and it has been a great opportunity.

As I finish up the second half of my internship, I will try to make the most of every single second. It will be over before I know it. Do not be afraid to ask questions and step out of your comfort zone. Everyone at Cohen & Company is here to support you.