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Making the Right Choice

Mar 13, 2020

Category: The Ohio State University

When choosing a career path as a senior in high school, it is hard to imagine where your decision will lead you in the future. I have found that not only then, but during college as well, it is hard to imagine a life dedicated to one career. Throughout my time at The Ohio State University, I have been exposed to many different perspectives on careers within the business school. I make a safe assumption in saying most people do not know exactly why they have chosen their major early in their college careers.

I preface with this because I can recall the anxious feeling sitting in training just two short months ago. As someone with no prior accounting experience, and just an intro college course under my belt, I felt lost when I first began my internship. I was surrounded by peers who have participated in several internships, some who had even already graduated with their accounting degrees. It is safe to say that now, almost three months later, I was worried for no reason. Throughout my time at Cohen & Company, I have grown in ways I could have never imagined as I sat in training.

Everyone within the firm has truly taken responsibility in making sure the interns have received the guidance and help we have needed to be successful. It is a family. Whether it is firm lunches, happy hours, basketball on Mondays, or even the talent show at the Youngstown office, it has become clear that this firm prides itself on comradery. I could not be more thankful that this is my introduction into the world of public accounting.
In the remaining month of my internship, I hope to continue to grow the way I have up to this point. I know it is going to fly by, and will be sure to not take it for granted. I encourage any future interns who may be reading this to use the resources Cohen & Company offers during your time here. Do not feel as if you need to know everything coming into your internship; you will learn much faster than you think you will. It is safe to say that a decision I made as a senior in high school has led me to a great opportunity with a great company!