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Managing School with Work

Apr 12, 2019

Category: Loyola University Maryland

Before I knew about Cohen & Company, I remained in Baltimore, Maryland after graduating the undergraduate program to earn my Masters in Accounting. I had the choice to enter the work field right after I completed my undergraduate program or to go right into the graduate program for the next year. Then, there was the option for both. I attended a career fair that Loyola Maryland held in the fall of 2018. There were many companies attending and I made sure to take advantage by walking around to all of their tables. Out of all the companies I talked to there were only a few that stood out. Some just didn’t seem to be happy at the fair. Some said the work is awful and not to apply. Then there were some who seemed to be enjoying their time with their respective companies. Cohen & Company’s table consisted of a couple of Loyola Maryland alums who were very friendly and informative. Being a graduate student I was looking for job opportunities for the following year. That is when Cohen & Company mentioned how they also offer an internship experience while in school. At first, I thought how would I ever fit the time into my schedule but with their flexible work schedule it was possible. Balancing school and work is not an easy task. There are many factors that go into the possibility. Traveling and time management would definitely be the top two factors that played a role.

Living in the Inner Harbor and working in Cockeysville, Maryland doesn’t seem too bad when you have a car. If you don’t have a car then you might sympathize here with me. Traveling by car is about a 30 minute drive. Not bad, right? Not having a car left me with the option of taking the light rail and subway, which is very cheap. The only tough part with the light rail and subway is that they doesn’t always run on time. The average travel time one way would result in about an hour and a half to two hours each way. Traveling one way with the subway and light rail is still longer than traveling by car both ways. Although traveling wasn’t the easiest route, I definitely enjoyed working with Cohen & Company. The traveling was worth it. I wouldn’t have chosen this firm if that wasn’t the case. But if you can move closer to your work place I would highly recommend or try to plan accordingly with transportation options.

Managing school can be a challenge on its own. Being in a graduate program there is a higher standard to be met, which didn’t make it any easier. Classes weren’t as often but the work load is definitely heavier than usual. All of the classes you take are actually meaningful and important to your major this time around. We’ve all had easy electives and classes we didn’t really need to put much effort into but it is different being in a graduate program. The load of work takes a toll. Aside from the work aspect, your whole mentality changes. Work and school mentalities do not match. When you’re in school, you go to class and come home and still have homework to do. But when you go into work you leave work and most likely don’t have anything extra to do when you’re home. It starts to become a challenge when doing both and you really have to fight to keep a strict schedule the first two weeks. Therefore, you’ll be able to make it a habit of staying on track with what you need to do in school and work. Overall, remaining consistent in the beginning is key as the first few weeks form how the rest of the semester will go. It isn’t easy at times but as long as you stay persistent you’ll do more than just getting by.