Intern Blog

Meeting with Chris Bellamy

Mar 22, 2022

One of the highlights of my internship experience at Cohen and Company this busy season was having the opportunity to meet with Chris Bellamy, our soon-to-be CEO!

Chris visited the Pittsburgh office in March and requested that the interns meet with him to discuss our experiences so far working with the firm. Whether some of us were first-year interns, or returning- we all agreed to the common theme of Cohen which is the people are what really makes working here a memorable experience. Chris made it comfortable being open and honest about our experience and discussing how we have worked through some of the challenges we may have faced so far.

After a fun ice-breaker of “If you had your own talk show, who would you invite as your first guest”, and an overview of our experiences- Chris became genuinely interested to hear our ideas for the future of the firm. It felt good knowing that the leaders of Cohen put such high regard to the “younger minds” of the firm and really appreciating and considering our thoughts, concerns and ideas. We even discussed the idea of possibly opening new office locations in the future and which locations would make the most sense for the firm and its employees. We also discussed the various verticals, the growing importance of particular areas like crypto-currency and what that may look like in the future for the firm.

We were also given the opportunity to ask Chris any questions we may have had. We learned about the history of Cohen and Co, how Chris got to where he is at today and any advice he had for us in exceling and building in our careers in accounting. I left the meeting feeling motivated, and also with a deeper appreciation for Cohen and the opportunities it has given me to network and meet people, I, otherwise would not have had the pleasure of getting to know.

Julia Schutz
Intern, Assurance