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A Member of the Cohen Team

Jun 28, 2016

Category: Kent State University

I have been working as an intern at Cohen & Company for just over a month now. I have already learned so much in this short time here. The atmosphere throughout the Youngstown office, as well as Akron and Cleveland, has provided me with the opportunity to truly feel as though I have become a member of the Cohen team. Being both an audit and tax intern, I get to see a full scope of what public accounting is really like here at Cohen. I have already gotten to experience going out on a couple different audits and I have gained so much knowledge in just those few days out in the field. I also have the privilege of working the tax side of the job. This has made me truly appreciate the fact that each intern has a “learning buddy.” It is very comforting being able to reach out to someone who has just recently been in the same position as you, and this makes asking questions much less intimidating.  However, it seems as though everyone in all offices is always willing to help whenever I need it.

One of my favorite things about Cohen are the events and activities we participate in outside of work. Whether it be a community service event or simply a social gathering, it is clear that the relationships between the coworkers is more than just work-related tasks. Being a new member of the firm, I really appreciate how they make sure that everyone feels involved and is included in all events. One of the events in particular is the intern One Day event that I participated in this past week. It was an event in which all Ohio interns got the opportunity to meet other interns in the Cleveland area and network with a number of professionals who have been in the business field for many years. It was another great way for us to come together as a team and learn leadership roles from those who are successful leaders themselves. Engaging in these activities has provided me with the opportunity to build not only on my work life, but also the social and personal aspects of my life as well.