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More than an Internship

Feb 19, 2018

Category: Wayne State University

I am six weeks into the Cohen Internship and at a loss for words on how much can be accomplished in such little time.  Walking through the doors almost gives you a feeling of being a kindergartener on the very first day of school.  You have feelings of excitement, anxiety, stress, and overall curiosity.  On the first day, when you walk through those doors, you have no idea what to expect, how much work you’ll have waiting for you, and what the next couple months of your life is going to look like. Right away, much of the anxiety goes away because everyone is very welcoming and always willing to help out. 

The workload isn’t very overwhelming at first and will be able to teach you how to learn some project management skills and budget your time.  This is super important to stay on top of deadlines and I think with the way Cohen runs their process, it makes it very easy to learn how to handle multiple projects.  The work given to you will be challenging at times, but like everyone will tell you, people are here to help.  One of the brightest parts of the internship definitely has to be the staff.  The many people I have worked with in my short time here have been extremely knowledgeable and always make sure you understand the feedback that’s given. 

What might be the factor that sets Cohen apart from other internships that are available is the involvement the interns have with not only other staff, but partners as well.  We have been involved in promotion celebrations, volunteer work, and we were even able to meet the CEO of the company.  I’ve had prior internships before and was never able to say any of that before Cohen.