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Multidimensional Internship Experience

Apr 03, 2017

Category: Eastern Michigan University

Experiencing internship at Cohen for approximately two months gives me the qualification to say that Cohen does not offer your average internship opportunity. My internship experience is not 100% about work. It gave us the opportunity not only to learn a lot about how to audit or prepare a tax return, but also to be involve with our community, also to learn the importance of having a good client relationship, and of course to have fun while at it.

One of the unique intern events is the client tour. A few weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to learn more about one of our client by giving us an exclusive tour at a luxury apartment complex in Cleveland. In the picture, it shows Tyler, a tax intern at St. Clair Shores office, tried one of the dumbbells in their gym. The tour was great and we were able to have fun. We got the chance to ask a lot of questions about the client. It showed that we did our research which implies to the client that we came prepared and tell them that we were not wasting their time. Other than learning more about their business, we also came to learn the importance of client communication. More importantly, my co-interns and I were able to spend time to get to know each other and be more comfortable between each one of us. It is a proof that work can be fun.

For the new interns:
Whether engaging in an audit or tax preparation, it is crucial to be able to efficiently communicate to your engagement team or with your client. Clear communication in this field is a must. It is necessary to be able to always ask questions in order to get a better understanding of a concept or other work that you are doing. With that said, a pen and a paper will be your best friend. It is always helpful to take notes anytime there is an unexpected request or important information that might be needed for the job. Being comfortable with your team or in front of a client will also boost your confident and will help you get your work done better. The internship may be challenging, but I can guarantee it includes a lot of learning and fun.