Intern Blog

My Experience as a Cohen Intern

Apr 01, 2022

My experience as a tax intern at Cohen & Company has been exceptional. Working a tax internship during the busy tax season is not easy, however it sure was fulfilling. I learned so much during this internship and I am grateful to everyone at Cohen for allowing me this experience.

There were several challenges that I encountered along the way during my internship, however I felt I had exceptional support in facing those challenges head on. Before this internship, I had only really learned how to complete 1040s by hand and not really using software. I was a little bit nervous that I would have no idea what I was doing, and at first, I didn’t! However, the training we received was great. Not only did we have a week and a half of trainings, we also received a large binder explaining how to complete the majority of the tasks. Furthermore, every intern at Cohen is assigned a learning buddy to help them throughout the course of their internship. My learning buddy, Meredith, was amazing and very helpful when I had questions or was just genuinely confused on what to do. Additionally, everyone here that I met was willing to help. There were also fun events throughout the internship that helped with the long hours. I greatly appreciated being included in these fun activities!

One thing that I learned during me internship was to be sure to ask questions. I sometimes have a habit of trying to figure things out on my own and this can be a good thing, however asking questions will get you where you need to be faster. Everyone here was very willing to explain concepts to me and answer my questions, so don’t be afraid to ask! I also learned a lot about how to manage my time and workload appropriately. It was wonderful experience to get a peak of what it like to work full-time as a tax accountant.

Luke Caruso

University of Akron