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My Favorite Work Day

Mar 18, 2017

Category: Case Western Reserve University

During busy season, Saturdays are working days. However, Saturdays have become my favorite working days. To begin, there’s no traffic on the road and the office attire is casual. Getting up and heading to the office is a breeze. The firm also provides breakfast and lunch on Saturdays, so I can focus on prepping returns and not on prepping meals.

The office environment is not as stressful as one would imagine, it’s actually peaceful. The smell of coffee in the air, muted murmuring voices, and the steady clacking of keys is soothing. The green and yellow accent walls instill energy into the office, and the low walls on cubicles make the office look very open and modern. I would best describe the appearance as “the Google” of accounting firms.

The work itself is also very rewarding. I’m excited to receive complex projects with new information. At first it can be overwhelming to try and make sense of it all but with a little patience and determination it’s rewarding at the end. Every project has become an invaluable learning experience for me. What I really enjoyed was being able to work with others. At the start of the internship, we were assigned learning buddies, however I found that I can count everyone in the firm as my learning buddy. The first relationships I made were strictly professional but as I worked closely with others I began to know them personally as well. Who would think that accountants have exciting hobbies like boxing, or dancing in K-pop groups?