Intern Blog

My First Business Trip

Jun 12, 2015

I had a lot of doubts when I found out I would have to travel to Cleveland for weeklong job training for my internship with Cohen Fund Audit Services in the Milwaukee office. A lot of it stemmed from the fact that I couldn’t understand why Cohen would want to pay to put up an intern such as myself for a week when they could have done something a lot more cost-effective, like video conference me into the training. I thought to myself, “Interns cannot possibly be that valuable an asset that they are willing to pay for airfare, a hotel, and expenses just to give them job training.” I also worried that Cohen was expecting too much from me if they wanted me to travel for training. What challenging topics would I learn in Cleveland that couldn’t be addressed in Milwaukee? At the same time, I felt excited at the prospect of travelling somewhere new, meeting the other interns, and learning about auditing mutual funds.

Travelling to Cleveland for work turned out to be a great experience, and a wonderful introduction to how Cohen & Company, Cohen Fund Audit Services, and Sequoia Financial Group value people. I realized the benefit of having all the interns in one place the first day I arrived in Cleveland. I met about 20 other interns and new full time hires over the course of the week that I was there. The first few days we covered some basic software that we would use daily, learned company policies, and met important people in the company. Cohen planned events for us like lunches, happy hours, and activities to help us feel more comfortable and also help us have fun while we were learning. The week flew by and I felt like my head was spinning with information about auditing and mutual funds by the end. I was barely able to keep my eyes open on the plane long enough to take a picture of Cleveland as we flew past it.

I had a great time during my week in Cleveland and I appreciated the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and learn about all the work I will complete during my summer Internship.