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My First Friends at Cohen & Company

Jul 25, 2019

Category: Wayne State University

When I originally signed my offer letter to Cohen & Company and learned that I would spend my first week in Cleveland for training, I had no clue what to expect. The previous summer, I had gone to the Cohen & Company's Leadership Day but it was only for one day, not a whole week. As I drove to Cleveland Sunday, night I was nervous and excited for my internship to start the next morning, but was dreading feeling trapped in a hotel room for four days. When I arrived in Cleveland, I met the other A&A intern from Detroit, Jasper.

When I woke up the next day, I felt ready to take on the day and get started. We arrived to the office and met the other intern from the Pittsburgh office, Valerie, and quickly made plans to hangout later that evening. Eventually nicknaming ourselves the out of townies, since everyone else was based in the Cleveland office. Our first day of training went by quickly as we had different presenters about the different aspects of our internship. After a long day, we went back to our hotel and agreed to grab a late dinner together. We enjoyed Yours Truly next door to our hotel every morning, rotating different items between us.

My favorite night of my first week was when the out of townies decided to go to an Indian's game. We invited all of the other interns to go with us, but no one was able to. We all went back and changed into our casual clothing and head out in search of Cleveland apparel. We went to a store a few blocks away from our hotel and everything was huge and too expensive so we decided to risk being cold. Once at the game, we realized it would be too cold and we walked around the entire field until we came across the perfect store. We looked at every sweatshirt, crewneck and hoodie until Valerie and I decided on getting matching hoodies that were too expensive. We all got food and drinks and headed up to our seats, directly under the screen.

Overall, my time in Cleveland was fun. I learned a lot about the firm and what I would be working on, by the end of the week my anxieties were gone and I was just excited to start working. Being trapped in Cleveland was way more fun than I could have ever anticipated and that is all because of my fellow out of townies.