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My Learning Buddy Experience

Jul 25, 2017

Category: Ohio Northern University

My first several days at Cohen and Company involved training in many different programs and processes. As we were going through training, I was wondering how I was going to remember everything that we were being taught and if I was going to be able to complete my assignments. This is when I was introduced to my learning buddy, Baixue.

Baixue is a staff tax accountant going on her 3rd year at Cohen and happens to be one of the nicest people at the firm.  On top of being one of the nicest people at the firm, Baixue is also an incredibly gifted accountant. When I go to Baixue with a question, she not only gives me a well explained answer, she also makes it a point to make sure I understand why she told me what she did. By doing this, I am able to remember the lessons I learn from her and am hopefully able to apply this knowledge to other tax returns. An example of this would be when she walked me through my first tax return. It is very common for an intern’s learning buddy to help them with their first return. When Baixue and I were going through my first return, she gave me some tips/ tricks and told me what to look for when reviewing my work.

About 4 weeks into my internship, Baixue informed me that she will be going to Australia for a few weeks and told me Tammy would be my new learning buddy.  Much like Baixue, Tammy is also incredible at what she does. The first word I can think of when trying to describe Tammy is “confident”. When Tammy says something, she says it because she knows she is right.

I look back at what I know now compared to what I knew when I started my internship and I cannot believe how much I have learned. That being said, I don’t think I would have been able to learn as much as I have without the help of Baixue and Tammy. With the combination of Cohen’s “classroom like” training along with the assigning of a learning buddy, us interns are able to feel confident that we have the knowledge to get work done on our own but also allows us to feel comfortable knowing we have someone to go to when we do have questions.