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My Team – The Globo Gym Purple Cobras

Mar 13, 2020

Category: Eastern Michigan University

One foundational principle of Cohen & Company is, “Great People First;” meaning that as a team we, “celebrate and value each of our unique stories, backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas [as well as value] honesty, integrity, compassion, and kindness.”  Entering my internship I had no idea how true this would be about the environment at the firm but it is proven to me day in and day out.  Not only from the staff members, managers, and partners, but from my fellow interns as well.  We have all embraced these ideals within a few months and became a team.

Initially, the “Globo Gym Purple Cobras,” began as a just a team name for the Wellness Challenge (which entails weekly challenges that obtain points for maintaining healthy habits during busy season), but now it represents our group of interns bond as friends and coworkers.  Although, we have yet to win any of the wellness challenges, we still push each other every week to accomplish every part of the requirements.

Furthermore, beyond focusing on the challenge, it seems like every day we grow closer as we get to know each other better.  From our daily group chats, weekly lunches, and occasional shenanigans, we now value and appreciate each other’s uniqueness and perspectives.  I did not go into my internship focused on anything other than my personal growth and developing my skills and knowledge; and although plenty of that has occurred by the end of this internship, I expect the most memorable aspect to be the "Globo Gym Purple Cobras.”