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From Nervous to Comfortable

Feb 15, 2018

Category: Kent State University

During my first week of training I was very overwhelmed and nervous for how this internship was going to go. I hadn’t taken an audit or a tax class yet and even with the training I still felt very lost as to what I was going to be doing. I thought after my first day in the office I’d be reassured and feel better than I had in training, but my day was off to a rough start. After finishing training in Cleveland, I headed to Akron to start my first day in the office…only I got lost on the way there. After all of this, I wasn’t feeling very reassured about anything. I was overwhelmed and a bit frazzled. I’m here to say though, that no matter what it does get better!

I started to get the hang of things as the days went on. Everything seems very overwhelming at first but once you start to understand things it gets easier. My advice is to not panic. If someone gives you work that you don’t necessarily understand, first try to figure it out yourself. I always like to look at what they did last year to compare. If you’re still stuck, ask questions. Everyone is so willing to help and willing to answer questions its really amazing. Everyone here wants you to learn and succeed so they encourage you to ask questions and a lot of people actually like it when you ask them questions. This guarantees you get it right the first time rather than not knowing what you’re doing and doing it completely wrong. I learned so much in the first few weeks of my internship that when I went out on my first client visit I felt confident. The week out at the client went smoothly and the senior staff on the job told me how well I had done. To me this has been the most rewarding part of my internship experience!