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New Friends in New Cities

Jun 28, 2019

Category: The Ohio State University

Before interviewing with Cohen & Company, I researched as much as I could about the company. What popped out at me is how much this company values their culture. Reading about it was one thing, but from day 1, I have been able to truly experience it first hand and it’s unlike any culture that I have experienced before. Culture is something very important to me because it makes a huge impact on your attitude, performance, and your life. On the first week, the incoming interns from all of the firm’s offices were here in Cleveland for training. I thought it was such a cool experience for all of us to meet even though we wouldn’t be working side by side all summer. During that first week, it was clear that the firm seeks to hire people who are similar and who fit in with the culture because no matter where we were from or what office we were in, we got along so well and became friends right away.

On the first day, I became friends with a group of interns from Milwaukee and Chicago and we all decided to go to an Indians game the next day. For most of the people I was with, it was their first Indians game so it was really fun to be able to experience that with them. (I’m choosing to look past the fact that they were calling it a “Twins Game” and rooting for the other team). Having friends from other offices is great because it makes me feel even more connected to Cohen & Company and its amazing culture.

Now that we are three weeks in, I have continued to build amazing relationships with all of the interns here in Cleveland as well as the staff. We all sit together on the bench which is a really helpful way for us all to ask each other questions and build relationships. This company is full of intelligent, hard-working, supportive individuals and I know my internship experience will only get better from here.

Some advice I have so far for new interns is:
1. Meet as many people as you can. Building relationships with the other interns is important but make sure to introduce yourself to people higher up in the company as well. Everyone is so friendly and supportive so take advantage of this opportunity and reach out!
2. Ask questions. This internship is a huge learning experience so make sure you are asking a lot of questions and gaining as much knowledge as you can. Your supervisors are here to help so don’t be hesitant to ask for it.
3. Always communicate. When you run into something you are stuck on, try to figure it out yourself first. But if you have been sitting on it for a while, communicate that with your supervisor. There will also be times where you have some down time. Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor for more work. They want you to get as much as you can out of this experience!
4. Learn from your mistakes. We are not expected to do everything perfectly on the first or even the second try! Instead of getting discouraged when making a mistake, talk to your supervisor about the corrections that need to be made and write it all down so it doesn’t happen again.