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New York City Internship

Apr 02, 2017

Category: Ohio University

When I received and offer to intern in New York City I was pretty shocked; but excited nonetheless. I had been to New York only a few times but living in a big city is something that has always interested me. I lived in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan through short-term subleases during my internship. This gave me the opportunity to explore a lot different areas in New York. During my internship, I used an Unlimited MTA card and learned how to navigate the bus and subway systems. I plan to return to New York because I have really enjoyed my time here!

Everyone in the New York office was extremely helpful and often took me out on the weekends. Lunch time was always something different, and we often tried different kinds of ethnic food which I enjoyed. We explored lots of different restaurnts and coffee shops around the office, which is right next to Grand Central Station.
I worked in the Investment Industry Tax Department which is a role that I wanted to pursue and with my prior tax experience, thought I would enjoy it. As an intern, Cohen & Company gives you the opportunity to try different roles that staff accountants have at the firm. My managers always made sure that I had experienced different things so that I could learn more. As an intern, I really feel like I got to contribute and that is something that I hoped to get out of this internship.  Overall this internship has been a great experience in more ways then I expected.