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Newaukee Night Market

Jul 16, 2018

Category: Marquette University

Milwaukee: the Good Land. It is good indeed. Over my internship so far, I have had various opportunities to explore Milwaukee with the other interns through the program, NEWaukee. Our most recent event occurred on July 11 where we went straight from work to Wisconsin Avenue where the street was closed off to only vendors, performers, and artists. NEWaukee Night Market is a monthly event for the city of Milwaukee for people to venture into the heart of downtown to see why MKE is so treasured.

When we arrived, there were crowds of people wandering around basking in all of the chaos. It was over 90 degrees and not a cloud in sight, so even though it was about night time, we were all fanning ourselves with the programs they gave out. Despite the heat, that didn’t stop us from having a good time-- the food selection didn’t hurt either. They had vendors from what seemed like every restaurant in Milwaukee. I went with BelAir Cantina’s tacos and rice; and let me tell you it did not disappoint. As we ate, we walked around and listened to the different performers. They ranged from musicians to dancers to artists. It was crazy how many different types of creative people were roaming this one street in Milwaukee. It really made me see how special this city truly is.

The fun did not stop there though, we played a game of bags at the ESPN tent- intern against intern. I sadly was beat, but we went to the next booth over and roasted some S’mores so I guess we all won. By that time, I was stuffed so we knew that we should do some more walking around to digest the goods we ate. By this time it was dark and the city was lit with a string of lights cascading the street. Newaukee had free drinks and food for us in the balcony that looked over the Night Market. Although we were stuffed at this point, the view took our minds off it.

All in all, it was a successful event and was happy to have made it. If it wasn’t for my Cohen & Company internship, I would have never gone to this tiny treasure Milwaukee has!