Intern Blog

One Day at a Time

Aug 06, 2021

Coming into my internship with Cohen & Company this summer, there were plenty of unknowns. I didn’t know anyone whom I would be working with, what type of clients I would be placed on, or even how often I would be able to go into the office. The fact that this was my first internship of any kind added to my nerves at the beginning of the summer and I really did not know what to expect. However, starting from week one, those nerves quickly began to subside as I realized that everyone at Cohen was welcoming and open to lend a helping hand if I needed it.

During my first week, I was able to meet other interns from the Youngstown office for in-person training. Later that week, I was able to go into my home office in Pittsburgh and I was even given a workspace next to a window with a view of downtown Pittsburgh! I experienced the engaging culture at Cohen right away when meeting the rest of the Pittsburgh audit team at lunch on my first day in the office. I can’t overstate the significance of the in-person aspect of my internship this summer. Through coming into the office each day, I was able to form relationships with the other interns and other people at all levels of the firm. The office aspect also made the work go much more smoothly as it was easy to ask my staff and seniors questions when they were sitting right next to me.

As an audit intern, the engagements I worked on were both challenging and rewarding. From working on financial statement audits of technology companies, to transitioning to employee benefit plan audits at the end of my internship, I gained a breadth of experience this summer. Because of all the new terminology and processes I was being exposed to, I felt overwhelmed at times. However, I felt it was immensely helpful to slow down and take everything one day at a time. If there is any advice I would give to other incoming interns, it would be to focus on one day at a time. Come into work each day looking to learn something new and try to build on what you learned the day before. When looking back to where I started at the beginning of the summer, I almost can’t believe all that I, and the rest of the interns, were able to do and learn here at Cohen.

Above everything else, the people at Cohen are what made this summer a tremendous experience for me. Everyone was receptive to questions I had about what I was working on or any other miscellaneous questions about the firm. I was able to get a taste of the fun culture throughout the summer at happy hours and lunches. A group of people from the office even came out with me after work on my birthday! Overall, I am grateful for all that I had the opportunity to experience during my summer internship at Cohen.

Christopher Kocent
Duquesne University