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Passion & Kindness

Jun 11, 2019

Category: North Carolina State University

A mixture of nerves, anxiety, and excitement was felt as I walked into a room of 18+ interns on May 20th. Who would have thought that a month later I would have a handful of new friends and a work environment that I looked forward to walking into every morning. While my time at Cohen & Company was short, I can say that this was by far one of the most rewarding experiences I have embarked on. The work ethic and the talent that flow throughout the employees at the firm is something that I respect and hope to emulate one day in my future career. In our world, it can be a challenge to find smart, successful people who display kindness to those in all walks of life; however, the warmth that exudes from each and every employee at Cohen & Company is remarkable. Passion and kindness are rare qualities for a company to possess; I believe those attributes are what makes this firm so unique. During one of Randy's leadership discussions he stated that, "life is all about the journey." Life is about the people one meets, the impressions one makes, and the attitude that one portrays. Hopefully during my journey at Cohen & Company, I have made a positive impression within all three of those areas and as I continue on in my future endeavors those areas only strengthen. I know that throughout my life the path that I follow will not be perfect; however, I aim to embrace the highs and the lows and use them to push myself in a positive direction. I am confident that I will take with me all that I have learned during these past weeks and be able to better myself and those around me. This internship has made an impact on my life in ways I never imagined it would. For that I am very grateful. It has been a wonderful reminder for me to keep the things that truly matter in my life in perspective. For all of the future interns, embrace this experience and appreciate the incredible people that you are surrounded by because your time here at Cohen & Company will pass by far too quickly.