Intern Blog

The People Make Cohen the Place to Be!

Jan 20, 2022

Before I started working as an intern on the Transaction Services (TS) team here at Cohen, I had heard from everyone that the people and culture at Cohen are what make it a great place to work. Little did I know how incredibly accurate that statement was. While I had walked in with expectations since I had heard such high praises of the workplace, I think I can say with confidence that my experience thus far has been amazing. My internship has been a bit different from that of the other interns in Assurance or Tax; I did not have three to four days worth of training to go through, but was instead in an “out of the frying pan, into the fire” situation. My second day, one partner on our team sent me an email after work saying that a project he mentioned earlier was now starting up! I was excited and a little anxious to begin my first project already, but nonetheless I was getting great experience.

As we worked through the first project, I had done some portions well and others not so much. My manager, Kenny, provided great constructive criticism in these errors, and showed me what the team really needed. He did not just say, “You did great,” nor “This is horrible”; instead, he gave me a detailed explanation of what I did well, and what I need to improve on. In addition to the constructive and cohesive environment, the guys on the team are just a fun group to be around. Most days we go to grab lunch together, joke around with each other, and overall make Cohen a fun place to work at. Another aspect I can speak to personally is the amount of flexibility that my team works with me on. Since I coach high school basketball, I need to leave work earlier most days; this is especially pressing, considering that the guy I was coaching with unfortunately stepped down due to COVID, making me the head coach. Quite the whirlwind as one could imagine! Nonetheless, my team has been understanding given the unique situation, and are still helping me gain a valuable experience from working at Cohen. Whether it is the funny, easy going conversations or working together to help a client, the TS team makes Cohen the place to work! As an example of some fun stuff we do, here is one of Steve’s quote of the day from last week written on Kenny’s whiteboard!

Joe Roth

John Carroll University