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Promotion Party

Jan 31, 2020

Category: Marquette University

Starting a busy season internship can be stressful. It feels kind of like being thrown into the deep-end when you’re just learning how to swim. All throughout training and the first couple of weeks, you hear a bunch of catch-phrases that attempt to paint a picture of a company that is people focused. At most places, these catch-phrases are just that, pictures of a company much different than the one that you walk into on your first day. This isn’t the case at Cohen & Company.

One of these phrases that I’ve heard thrown around in my first few weeks with the firm is “Sure we like numbers, but we’ll never treat you like one.” Most places this is just a phrase, something that they throw on a banner at a career fair or slap on the end of an advertisement to prospective clients. At most places this is just fluff, and at some companies just a bold-faced lie. Though not at Cohen & Company. Ever since I’ve walked through the door, I’ve felt like a part of the team. 

I have even had the chance to take part in company outings, most notably the promotion celebration. Which, as you could probably guess is a, celebration for all of the employees who have recently received promotions. This isn’t just any old put a cake out in the breakroom corporate celebration, neither. Each one is different and the one that I was fortunate enough to take part in was centered around axe-throwing. Which is a great way to destress, by the way.

Details aside, the promotion celebration was a glowing example of how much people here are treated as people.  Accomplishments are celebrated and people here genuinely care for one another and want to see you succeed.
An internship here is nothing to throw an axe at.