Intern Blog

Small Changes that Make My Work-From-Home a Little More Fun

Mar 29, 2021

My internship at Cohen and Company is not exactly what I expected when I decided to be an Accounting major at my University. While we are all feeling the negative effects of COVID-19, I think the advantages can balance the disadvantages especially when you are also a full-time student. While I spent a great part of 2020 complaining about all the obstacles and changes in the world, I have learned to have a more positive outlook and look to the things I can control. While my internship experience was not exactly what I expected or hoped for I was able to do a lot of things I would not have had the internship been in person. I’ve compiled some tips and items that have made my online experience more enjoyable and find the positives out of everyone’s situation.
Besides the frequently said benefits of working from home (no commute, sweatpants, seeing our families), I have found some small things that make my internship a little more enjoyable and are better for me. 
First, I have had phenomenal posture for the last 3 months because I invested in an exercise ball. While I am not at all a Pilates expert and I’ve never actually done a workout with an exercise ball, I’ve made it a habit to sit on it while I’m working. It was tough for the first week trying to change my routine and work my abs. I went back and forth between chair and ball for a bit but now, I can sit at it all day. I wish I had washboard abs because of it but unfortunately that isn’t the case. However, my posture has gotten so much better and don’t have lower back pain anymore. I definitely recommend it for even an hour or two a day just because its more engaging and sometimes it’s fun to bounce around on it like a kid again. 
In addition, I have invested in a pair of blue light glasses. Staring at blue screens all day isn’t good for your eyes especially during busy season when those hours grow and grow. I have found that using these glasses gets rid of the strain and actually helps me sleep a bit better.
In a virtual environment, you can’t just spark up a conversation with the person next to you, but there are still a lot of options to connect with your co-workers. I have tried reaching out to people with small things and I think it makes a difference in the day. Thanking someone for the edits they made or complimenting for someone’s blog post go a long way in making connections in this environment. I know that getting small shout-outs and conversation starters on jabber is not the same as running to another cubicle, but it makes the day a little better and more fun. 
I find that at the end of the workday, I am mentally tired but not physically. When there’s no time to go for a run or head to the gym, or even just to keep your body moving during the day, I like to set timers for every hour to get up and do something. This can be doing a lap around your house/apartment, some push-ups, jumping jacks, or if you’re really tired, just go fill up your water or make a cup of tea. This keeps me awake, warm, and engaged when I return to my desk. 
At home, we’re surrounded by distractions and to combat this I don’t try to force myself to only sit and look at my computer, I integrate these small exercises and putting my phone a little out of my reach so I can focus on my work, but also set reasonable expectations for myself. I think that these small changes in exercise, attitude, and a few helpful products have made my experience from home more enjoyable. I have had a very positive experience at Cohen and Company and their virtual set-up has been very stress-free. I hope everyone can and has integrated more fun and healthy habits into their home offices.