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Spot Where You Can Fail

Feb 14, 2020

Category: University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

As busy season approached, one of my biggest deciding factors for where to work was going to come down to the company’s culture. I knew I had a lot to learn and was going to make a lot of mistakes being a brand new intern straight out of college. I wanted to work somewhere where I could feel excited to come to work and learn as much as possible, and for that reason I chose to intern at Cohen & Company. I knew I made the right decision when a speaker in the Cleveland training said “we want to put you in a spot where you can fail”, he was speaking of giving new hires/interns the option to fail, but most importantly the option to learn from failures.

From my first day as an intern I was given tasks that seemed impossible and felt like they were taking twice as long as they should’ve. What the Cleveland speaker said resonated in my head when I got nothing but positive attitudes with everyone I worked with, which made the environment pleasant and led me to want to ask questions.

I really got a sense of Cohen & Company’s culture first hand and it wasn’t some quote that was used as a slogan, but instead as an attitude that makes work feel less like work. One of the most evident actions that proved Cohen & Company’s culture of great people first is how they put interns next to a window that overlooks downtown Milwaukee and its lake. I could’ve only dreamt of having a seat next to the window at my prior internship.

The culture goes beyond the work, people genuinely like each other and that can be seen every day how staff interact with each other and when they eat lunch together. One of my favorite moments so far was the promotion party held at a local axe bar. It’s always nice to unwind after a long day at work, especially with coworkers as fun and genuine as the ones in the Milwaukee office!