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Starting an Internship

Jun 11, 2018

Category: John Carroll University

When I was asked to work at Cohen & Company, I was beyond excited to finally see what it’s like to be an accountant, although, I wasn’t quite sure about what to expect. I didn’t know whether the job would be easy or difficult, eventful or boring, people friendly or not, I sort of just went into it not knowing what to expect. After starting this new journey at this company for three weeks now, a lot of my curiosity has finally been met.
            In the first week and a half at my time here it was a lot of information to grasp. There was a whole week of just training that contained a lot of relevant information that was necessary for the upcoming internship. I was a bit nervous about my capability to keep in mind all of the material and how to use it correctly. I shortly discovered that there was no reason to be nervous at all. Yes, it may have been a lot of information to handle, but it was taught so well that you understand the basics enough to complete a variety of tasks. Not only was it taught perfectly, but the work environment is so friendly that everyone is willing to help if you don’t understand something. I found that it was a smooth transition from training to actual work.
More recently, I attended my first on the site field job. Again, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured it would be quite tricky. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined. It may have been a bit confusing at points, but the work wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be.  If I had to describe the job in one word it would be “challenged.” Not in the context where the work was too hard but where I was tested enough to see where I was at with accounting material. I was also surprised by how much responsibility I was given on my first job. I didn’t feel like an intern but an actual staff member. I wasn’t off grabbing people coffee and doing other stereotypical intern work; I was doing real work that regular workers do at this company. My team trusted me in providing the correct information from different statements and believed that I could do it. So far with only completing the job a couple of days ago, I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback.
All in all, I’m very content where I’m at in this internship already. I think that I’ve learned a great deal of material already and am learning, even more, every day.
I was very anxious before I started working at Cohen & Company, but if I would’ve known what I know now, then I would never have been as concerned or nervous as a
was. The people are so helpful here, and the job is certainly not as dull as you hear from people. I’m so glad to have been able to start my journey as an accountant at
such an incredible company.