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Starting My Internship

Jan 18, 2019

Category: Kent State University

Internships are one of those things we hear a lot about as students. They are encouraged and many students seem to get them. I always thought about the interviews and the work we put into getting an internship, but not as much about what the internship itself would look like. I am only two weeks into my internship with Cohen & Company and I can already tell how rewarding this experience is going to be. Just like most jobs, this internship experience began with training.
Training was overwhelming, honestly. It was four days in the Cleveland office with all of the new hires. We had a substantial amount of information pushed in our direction. It was a lot to digest. It was exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. The days were long and the information was important. I’m used to taking naps in between all of my classes, so going for eight hours straight right on the heels of winter break was quite an adjustment for me. Many cups of coffee and a million questions later, Friday came. Friday was my first day in my home office in Akron. All of the staff I talked to during training told me training was a lot, but that it got better from there. I had a hard time imagining that. Once training was over we would be thrown into the fire. We had real work to do and the workpapers we would be working on would actually go out to someone. To my surprise, the staff I had talked to have been right so far. I got a chance to start on my first job this week and it has gone pretty well. I have not run into anyone who is anything less than happy to answer my questions. I am being challenged but also comfortable enough to ask the questions necessary to learn from these challenges.
I am excited to see all that I will learn in these next three months. I am excited for the highs and the lows of this learning experience. It will be nice to go back to classes next semester with fresh eyes. I imagine I will be more driven than before. Seeing the future I have to look forward to is probably the best incentive I could ask for.