Intern Blog

Staying connected!

Jan 20, 2021

One of the best aspects of any workplace is being surrounded by your coworkers. These are the people who you spend half of your life with. This makes it extremely important to be a part of the community. However, in this virtual setting, it is difficult to replicate this, especially as a new hire. 
Never be afraid to reach out!
People at Cohen and Co are ready to make a connection with you, even given the circumstances. If you ever want to chat with anyone, an easy way to meet up is by asking them to a virtual lunch. I started by reaching out to the other intern at my location. It is extremely useful to have someone to relate to when starting an internship virtually. Not only do we ask each other questions throughout the week, but we also relate on a personal level.
Ask every question!
The one constant in all of the different trainings I have experienced is everyone wants you to ask questions. Every partner, manager, and staff member not only welcome questions but almost requires you have them. I have taken full advantage of this, especially when I am working on something I have not seen before, which happens often. Not only do you understand something a little more, but you also start a conversation with another person at the firm.
Join happy hour!
Once a week everyone gets online to catch up. It may seem intimidating to go, but it’s worth it. Every day you are talking with your new coworkers about professional topics, this often does not allow for much personal conversation. These Happy Hours offer a way to get to know those around you on a more personal level. With a lot of people on the call, it might be difficult to speak up. Even if you don’t, it remains a reliable way to get to know the people you are working with as they talk to each other.  Eventually, you will be more comfortable to joke and share stories of your own.