Intern Blog

Staying Involved

Jul 09, 2019

Starting an internship can be an intimidating experience. You feel lost when it comes to work that you have never seen before, you’re nervous because you have never met any of your coworkers, and you are not really sure what to expect when it comes to your first day at the firm. But on the other side of that, you’re excited for this new experience and to start a career in a field that you’re passionate about.

I was a little nervous for my first day at the firm, I didn’t know anyone and I was in a new city. On that first day, I was able to meet a lot of other interns, and I would say that they quickly became friends. We were all in the same boat, we were going through this experience together and that helped us all relate to each other. Being able to form these relationships with interns from other offices was amazing because it adds to the Cohen & Company culture. The group of interns that I met had decided we all wanted to go to an Indians game one night, and for most of us it was our first time going to one and it was a very cool experience. The nights out with the other interns were a lot of fun and great way to relax after the long day of training and information overload that is experienced. The experiences don’t end after training either, Milwaukee has this great tradition of going to a Brewers game and they invited the Chicago office, I decided to make the trip up there and it was great to be to see and catch up with the Milwaukee interns again. Being able to talk about things we had be working on and just our overall experience was great.

Cohen & Company does an amazing job of getting interns involved and making them feel like part of the team. They truly give the interns an experience of a lifetime and coming into work every day and being surrounded by intellectual, hardworking, and passionate individuals really brings this experience together.

My tips for incoming interns:
1. Always keep an open mind about new experience. Cohen & Company gives interns an incredible first week experience. Being able to visit a different city, interact with other interns and employees of the firm is incredible. Enjoy it, 5 days goes by extremely fast!
2. Ask questions, especially during training. If you have a question about something during training, chances are that there are 10 other interns in the room who have that exact question and it only benefits everyone if it is asked. After training continue to ask questions, from my experience at the firm, everyone is more than willing to help with your question, and if they can’t help they will find you someone who can.
3. ENJOY your time at Cohen & Company. Don’t look at this experience as “just a job”. You get out of it what you put into it. Put everything you have into this experience and you will truly enjoy your time at the firm.