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A Summer of Learning

Jul 30, 2019

Category: University of Dayton

When I met with my academic advisor last fall, I knew I would be interning this summer. I also knew that I wanted to continue working toward both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accounting. So along with accepting my position at Cohen & Company, I enrolled in six credit hours of Master’s courses during the summer. This turned out to be a great lesson in time management.

One of the courses I was taking required at least two nights per week of study, while the other only required one. While this was the case in the beginning of the summer, essays, exams, and presentations were added onto my regular course work. So when my coworkers were going home after work to relax and maybe watch the new season of Stranger Things, I was hitting the books. I reminded myself that an eight hour day of preparing taxes followed by three more hours of studying accounting would prepare me for busy season as well as the CPA Exam.

Although I was mentally exhausted by the end of each day, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The courses that I took were required for my degree, and would build my resume with an IFRS certification. My internship at Cohen & Company has taught me more than I could ever learn from a textbook or a classroom. I was not only able to use my skills from previous coursework and experiences, but I also learned more about tax laws and how they are applied.

The best part about this summer was the amount of growth I experienced through the challenges I faced. I gained real experience in the field I plan to spend my career in, as well as focusing in on the niche topics in my classes. Despite having a full schedule, I was still able to make time to go to social events with coworkers and network with the other interns. The firm has a very flexible work day, and I was able to come in early some days so I could make it to my exam in the afternoon, or come in late to finish up an essay in the morning.

To any students looking to take courses and intern at the same time- I highly recommend it. Don’t spend the summer on the couch when you can push yourself to learn as much as possible!