Intern Blog

Support System in Any Situation

Apr 03, 2020

As my busy-season internship comes to an end, when I look back on the memories I’ve made at Cohen & Company I can honestly say this experience has been so much more than I expected. The first time I went into the office for my Round Robin interview, I was greeted by so many people who were so genuine in getting to know me. It felt more like a party than an interview! During this day, they revealed to us their blueprints of the new office space they were moving into in just a few months. Fast forward a few months ahead, and now I’m interning in the Grant Building with Cohen & Company. I am placed in a room (with a great view) with the tax team and I thought it couldn’t get better than this. I learned so much in that time about taxes, accounting, and just the office and its people. I had my normal routine of walking to the office every MWF, greeting the desk aides in the building, and making my way up to the 17th floor.

Then came the day when we had to leave our office and work remotely until the new office was ready for us. I thought this was going to be the worst thing in the world as a new intern barely knowing what she was doing, but I was SO wrong! I took advantage of study rooms and used that as my new office space in the school library. I was offered a monitor to bring back with me to make it easier, I was able to call or message anyone for help whenever needed, and I had people check up on me to make sure I was doing okay and not totally confused. We would share screens while we were on the phone so I could still see step by step on how to do something, it was almost like we were still in the office. As a busy-season intern, my biggest fear was that I would be holding everyone back from accomplishing their goals for busy-season, but after working with everyone I learned that that was definitely not an issue. They wanted to help me no matter how dumb my question may have sounded or of how little importance the issue really was. Fast forward again, and now we’re working in the Citizen’s Bank building. Speechless. A huge office space with an incredible modern design on the 30th floor viewing the whole city. Working in the new office has been absolutely incredible but sad to say my time in that office got cut short.

Now I’m back home in Maryland wishing there was a cure to COVID-19, so I can go back to Pittsburgh. I am once again working from home successfully, with help from everyone in the office, especially the tax team. If this internship has taught me anything (you know, outside of tax, accounting, and my future career), it would be that in order to enjoy where you work you have to find great people you can depend on through any situation that arises. If I hadn’t had such a great tax team to work alongside, I don’t think I could’ve survived working from home and couldn't have quickly overcome these challenges.