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Jul 03, 2018

Category: University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Milwaukee office has a fun tradition every summer of tailgating a Brewer’s game, and the summer interns are put in charge of planning all the details. It was a challenge right off the bat for the four of us Milwaukee interns, since this was the largest tailgate the Milwaukee office had ever had. We had about 50 people in attendance, and there was a large age range to cater to. None of us were very experienced with event planning, and everyone in the office talked about how awesome the tailgate from last year was. There was high expectations for the event, and we didn’t want to disappoint.
Luckily the four of us worked well together and were able to pull off a great event. The tailgate gave us a chance to not only get to know the people in the Milwaukee office better, but also people from other offices! Our CEO, Randy, attended, while partners and other staff visited from Chicago, Baltimore, and Cleveland. Everyone enjoyed playing games like cornhole, and a ton of food was consumed over the three or so hours. Everyone in the office lives up to the work hard, play hard mentality, and it was great to get to know people in a casual setting like a tailgate.
It was challenging to plan the event, but it was extremely worthwhile once we saw the end result. It was amazing that everyone at Cohen & Company had enough trust in us to plan the tailgate; we were given a lot of independence and freedom to make decisions, and we learned some crucial event planning skills along the way. It was definitely a highlight of the internship and a great way to expand my network!