Intern Blog

Tax in Detroit

Jul 16, 2018

During the first few weeks of my internship at Cohen & Company, I couldn’t help but to feel overwhelmed with everything that I was learning. Coming into work every day and feeling incompetent was also very uncomfortable. The senior tax accountants who are seated in the same room as me kept on reminding me: “Don’t worry, you’ll know how to do all of this by July.” I really wanted to believe them but didn’t feel completely assured by their statements. Fast forward 7 weeks later. I feel much more confident in my abilities. Practicing five days a week has definitely helped me improve. There is still so much to grasp as tax is constantly evolving and remains complex. However, I’m much more comfortable with my approach to day to day tasks.

In addition, being in the new Detroit office has been great. The office is just a short walk away from Campus Martius, where there is always something going on. Being in Detroit’s financial district is also cool because we share a building with many other well-known companies. Detroit has also been evolving quickly, so it’s neat to be immersed in the city and its festivities. I highly encourage those who have not been to Detroit to visit. You will not be disappointed!

If I had to give advice to any future interns or my past self, it would be to question everything. It’s easy to setup a binder to look exactly the same from the prior year. Question why certain entries are made or why there are fluctuations in figures from prior year workpapers. By grasping the knowledge of what is actually going on in the client’s source docs, it will make the assignment of preparing the return far more interesting. Anyone can mirror a binder to look exactly the same from the prior year. By mindlessly doing the work, you will miss out on a great learning opportunity and will be more prone to making mistakes. Other than that, have fun during your internship!