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Mar 03, 2017

Category: Baldwin Wallace University

Last week I was on a trip to Chicago with a real estate client. It was amazing to travel to a different state to do work for a client, especially for tax purposes. Tax accountants typically don't travel as much as audit, but I was one of the lucky few. We took the client out to eat at a local hotspot in Chicago called Gibson’s Steakhouse. I had their signature steak that blew me away, but this isn’t what I will remember 10 years down the road. What I will remember are the people that were there with me. My tax team consisted of five accountants of varying job titles. We stretched from intern to partner and it was amazing for me to work that closely with a partner. It would take me years to get that kind of in depth interaction like I had. Just hearing the knowledge and experience pour out was so unique for me. Working with my team really developed my understanding of the whole tax return process as a whole. It showed me how team oriented we are as a profession. It also showed me how close Cohen is as a firm.

I've learned communication is a key element to a successful intern. During busy season, it is best to update and keep a line of communication between you and your seniors. It will minimize stress for everyone. My second tip is to stay positive. It can be overwhelming to be thrown into an environment that you know so little about. I've noticed a significant difference in myself from week one to week nine. Everyone here at Cohen has been more than willing to help me succeed and better myself as a tax accountant. A good way for me to stay energized throughout the day is to take a short break outside. The fresh air can really help clear one’s mind.