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Mar 09, 2021

The most repeated piece of advice (and for good reason) during my onboarding process, training, and now as a full-time intern during busy season is to not be afraid or feel uncomfortable when you need to ask questions. I’m here to reiterate this advice because people need to continually be reminded of how important it is. I will be completely honest when I say that on my first day at Cohen and Company I was somewhat nervous because I knew that I was going to need a lot of help and encouragement from others in order to understand and grasp the different technical skills associated with being an assurance intern. I’m here to say that I was blown away with my team’s willingness to go out of their way to help guide me through my first few weeks at Cohen and Co. Not only did my first team do this, but every team I have been on since beginning my journey with Cohen has been so helpful and understanding of the learning curve associated with being new at the firm. Cohen is truly a team, hence the name of my blog. In my life, I refer to certain people as my “teammates” if they are a positive influence and help me become better as a person, help me in my future career, and so forth. Well, I can say that I have gained some new teammates here at Cohen.

Here a few things that my teammates at Cohen have shown me thus far in my experience.

1. It’s totally okay (and encouraged) to be yourself

People at Cohen possess an ability to make you feel extremely comfortable even when you are new or are doing something that is new to you. It is extremely important to show who you truly are because then you will begin to make real connections with people and will start to thoroughly enjoy your experience. I have heard from countless people that your co-workers (teammates) can make or break your experience in any firm you work with. Well, my teammates have really made it a great experience thus far and I attribute that to them making me feel comfortable enough to be who I truly am while I am at work.

2. Have fun

Find those times during your busy work schedule to share some laughs, connect with people, and try to make it as fun as a work environment as possible. Obviously, maintaining professionalism during these times is important but this experience is much more meaningful when you find those times to let your guard down and thoroughly enjoy other people and their presence. Even if you are working remote, it is still very easy to connect with people via WebEx and connect with them.

3. Work Hard

There may be some weeks where you feel like you are drowning or overly stressed, but it is important to know that when you work hard it will not go unnoticed. The teammates at Cohen are always thankful and grateful of the work you put in. After all, you never want to let down your teammates.

Here’s to my new team, continuing to meet future teammates, and my continued journey at Cohen.

Pictured is Selena Schtscherbak, Brooke Hastings, Kellen Ford, Nick Sbracco, and Alex Fatica (original team during my first week)

Tommy Russo, John Carroll University