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Transaction Services Internship Highlights

Jul 15, 2019

Category: Miami University

Many of the intern blogs posted so far this summer focus on the incredible community Cohen & Company fosters; and rightly so. I have worked a variety of jobs in my life – Tee master, server, caddy, landscaper, copy boy, camp instructor, etc. Unbelievably, my role at an accounting firm, of all places, has had by far the best community feel (and been the most fun).

I try to remain humble and know my place in the firm, but it can be easy to forget you’re an intern working at Cohen & Company's Cleveland office. Management has given me a healthy leash, setting me loose on a number of different projects and allowing me to contribute all I can. I’ve worked with 9 different members of the transaction services group, and each of them have shown me a high level of respect. Some days, I even feel like a manager because of the way other employees talk to me. For the first time in a long time, I genuinely enjoy getting up and going to work in the morning.

Admittedly, I was a little concerned about my work ethic the past few summers, and was nervous it might carry over into my role at the firm. I didn’t enjoy work much at all and I thought if I didn’t enjoy working at a golf course, how would I hold up in a highly quantitative accounting internship? Thankfully, my work ethic has drastically improved since starting at Cohen & Company. I’ve been given meaningful work and the staff is a pleasure to be around. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete a project and that’s important to me. The trust management has in interns is the root of why I love giving all the effort I can at work.

One reason why I enjoy working at this firm so much is because there are a number of Miami alumni looking out for me. Pat Mannion (pictured left) and Kevin Malloy (camera shy) have given me some great advice and encouragement this summer. Both men have served as excellent role models so far in my internship and I’m eager to learn more from them the rest of the way. Of course, that’s not to say the Bobcats and Buckeyes of the office haven’t helped me out a great deal also. Having school alumni to work alongside is one of many benefits of working at Cohen & Company. I’ve found the same to be true for my OU, OSU, and Case Western counterparts.

My business school did a good job of convincing my class that if you’re an accounting major, you have to work at EY, Deloitte, PWC, or KPMG to be successful. My internship this summer has shattered that myth, and I couldn’t be happier. I strongly recommend Cohen & Company be the first choice of any accounting students looking for a unique experience and uncommon opportunities.